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TS3 Problems

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TS3 Problems

Post by {FB}VSync on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 1:55 pm

Message from Moulton:

Our Gamepanels were attacked yesterday at 11am,
The guys have been working on it since 11.30am Tuesday when first reported and are still going from last check, the website is currently not working as it should and will be still getting updates throughout the week.
If you don't have a control panel login it will be because of one of the following:
1. Your Game server does not need a Control panel to be used right now
2. We have not reached your gameserver in our lists
3. We have not found your gameserver in our lists.
Our systems are currently back to around 60% of what they were 48hours ago, as we have had to reinstall every server and re-setup every client we have to make 100% sure that each client is getting the right services.
We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
This is a once off problem that has caused us a great amount of issues which we are now working to resolve as quickly as possible.
Most of our services will be back online today, there will be downtime on the boxes and while we understand that downtime is not ideal, this is something that has to be done in order to re-setup accounts.
If you would be so kind to list any usernames / passwords you had used and any ip/ports for game servers you have with us it will make the process a little faster for us all.
There will be some changes done to our control panels and shifting of some games to our other control panels, main reason for this is that certain games on some game panels we have fo
You will be emailed once your servers and control panels are re-setup, as it is a main priority to have all servers running as per normal as soon as possible.
If your server is not online contact us straight away so we can try to get your service online asap.
We ask at this time that all customers realize that our main priority is to make sure all customers have a server online, as a customer having there service online holds priority over getting our CP's back there previous status, if you don't have a server online please contact us through one of the following ways and we will make sure your priority is top of our lists.
estimated ETA's for our fixes are:
14/10 All game panels back up and all known servers re-attached
19/10 Websites back to 'normal' status
24/10 Voice server CP fixed
26/10 Any bugs fixed that are found and any unknown game servers given back to owners.

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